Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Raven Trilogy: The First Journey by Melka Stansah

-Goodreads Synopsis-
Raven has lived as an outcast his entire life. When secrets are revealed to him, his world is turned upside down.

No mother, no father, he now stands alone.

His quest for revenge leads him on a path beyond his wildest dreams.

Filled with self discovery, love and heart-ache - this book will be sure to make you laugh and cry.

Will Raven find the answer he is looking for?

"You have both your father's and mother's eyes. Your topaz eye meants you have something that I don't"
"Which is what?"
"Power." Nicholas replied. "You have enormous power inside you, Raven That power belonged to your father, power that is even greater than mine."

First things first, Melka Stansah is a huge Adam Lambert fan! Probably the biggest Lambert fan I have ever seen! I knew this about her as soon as I saw her social media pages, and thought it was super awesome. I too, really enjoy Adam Lambert's music. When I first opened the book, I was not surprised to see that this book was inspired by, and dedicated to, the one and only ADAM LAMBERT! Oh, and after talking with the author, I found out that she was actually able to give Adam a copy!! How cool is that?!! Now that my little rant is over, we can start talking about the book!

The First Journey by Melka Stansah was a very exciting story full of secrets, battles, magic, love, friendship, heartbreak, corpixes, and most of all.. REVENGE. Raven goes on a long hard journey in hopes of seeking revenge. To find out what kind of revenge, and on who, you will have to pick up a copy of this book and read it for yourself! Stansah paints such a magical, crazy world in her readers minds! It was easy to see that Lambert inspired this book. Lambert is very colorful, vivid, and unique.. just like this book! The people, the places, the items, and the words, are all so beautifully described and perfectly used. Stansah picked the perfect words to use while writing this book. It is as if she carefully thought out each word, one by oe, to make sure that each is worthy to be in such a lovely story. This book would make the perfect movie and it is safe to say, that Stansah has a brilliant mind!

The First Journey stood out to me as soon as I began reading the first page. Raven's journey is definitely not an easy one, but he slowly begins finding himself and the truth about his family. I really enjoyed watching Raven grow and deal with his history and, what could be, the start of his new life. Stansah gives Raven a lot of background history and unique characteristics. Stansah's reasoning behind giving the boy 2 totally different eyes is pretty crazy. It is his eyes that makes him special though. It makes him who he is, and more specifically.. what he is. Raven also begins falling for a random woman, who he did not mean to save, let alone, meet.

"Who can stop love? Once it fills one's heart, it overflows with unstoppable dreams and relentless hope."

I really recommend this series! I was drowning in this book until I reached the very last page. It was only until the very last word that I was able to come out of the book for air.  I can't wait for the second book!!

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