Thursday, July 7, 2016

VINYL, Sophia Elaine Hanson


Vinyl by Sophia Elaine Hanson blew my mind! I didn't know where my mind was when I was done reading! I had no idea what to think, and I had no words to describe how I felt about what I had just read. Vinyl is probably the most creative story I have ever read. Sophia's mind is goldmine.

Sophia introduces us to a young girl named Ronja. Ronja lives in a world where The Music rules your entire life. Most people have a singer, which is an object that allows them to hear The Music. While working one night, Sophia sees a mysterious boy. This boy changes everything. Who did this boy think Ronja was? Why did he kidnap her? Who does he work for? Why'd he take Ronja's singer? Who is Ronja? You guys need to pick up this book for all the answers and so much more! I promise you will not regret it!!

"The music was not crafted to protect the people of Revinia from their demons. It is a muzzle, one that purges all powerful emotions and rebellious inclinations, prevents tumult in the face of Bullon's injustice. It exchanges your natural-born passions for a single thought: Be loyal to The Conductor."

It is really hard not to give away parts of the book! This book was so exciting and had me hooked from the first paragraph. I am so excited about Vinyl that I just want to talk about it! For the sake of others not wanting spoilers, I will try to contain my excitement for the rest of the review!

I really really enjoyed the background history Sophia gives about The Music and The Conductor. Music is used in such a unique way throughout this book. I'm still amazed that someone actually thought of this idea. I am amazed that someone actually sat at a computer and wrote this book! The characters are absolutely wonderful in this book, and are very well developed. I quickly became attached to each and every character. I was shocked at how Terra knew who Ronja was! Oh my goodness!!! It was such a huge twist.

Sophia Elaine Hanson has one huge creative mind! Her words were so detailed and descriptive. I don't think I have ever read a book with as many vivid words as this book contains. The crazy thing is that this author is only 19! SHE IS AMAZING. You can expect big things from this girl. I can't wait for Radio, which is the second book in this trilogy. I 180% recommend this book to anyone and everyone!

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