Monday, August 22, 2016

All of The Lights by K. Ryan

- Goodreads Synopsis -
I was raised to believe his family was nothing but trash.I was raised to believe her family was the root of all evil.
I sent his brother to prison.I should hate her for what she did.
I’ve never fought a day in my life.I’ve fought every day of my life.
I need him to help me find answers.I need her to set the record straight.
I should stay away from him.I should walk away from her.
But I can’t.But I can’t.

I do not even know where to begin with this book. All of The lights by K. Ryan is one big, fat mind twist. Ryan is constantly throwing one situation after another at the reader. There is definitely not a slow moment in this book.

I first read Emma by K. Ryan and absolutely adored it. That was the moment I totally fell for K. Ryan's books. When she was sending out ARCs of All of The Lights I couldn't say no! There is something about Ryan's writing style and the words she chooses that take over while I'm reading. Her writing feels familiar to me and really allows myself, as the reader, to put myself into the book as if I was the main character. K. Ryan has gained a forever life fan!

All of The Lights is full of drama, abuse, neglect, love, lies, secrets, friendships, and so much more! You may be thinking that this book sounds great, but just wait.. it gets better! On top of what I mentioned above, Ryan delivers super amazing characters with an extremely intense plot! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! There are so many secrets throughout this book that you basically can not stop reading it. Keep in mind that if you pick up this book, you will be reading it in one session. There will be no breaks in between all the secrets and lies!

"And somewhere in between the lines, I realize the implication of what I've just said. She's an acquired taste. She's something savory. She's worth putting the work in. She energizes and wakes me- you- up. Shit. I hadn't meant to say any of that... it just sort of slipped out."

I know I mentioned characters already, and how amazing they are; but I just need to say that I absolutely adore Rae and Jack! Rae has not has the easiest life and has been lied to for basically all of it. Jack hasn't had a very easy life either, but has definitely been treated better than Rae has. What happens when these two meet? The meeting of these two characters is what kicks off the whole book! Oh, I can't leave out Benn! Benn is Rae's bestfriend and his personality was my favorite. He was always singing old boy band songs and would do just about anything for Rae! Ryan really gave us some well thought out characters. You can tell that she gives her readers nothing but the best. She definitely does not disappoint.

This is a book you do not want to miss. I know we all have huge TBR piles, but this is one book that absolutely needs to be in it! K. Ryan's mind is a beautiful, creative place that needs to write books forever and always.

All of The Lights is in stores TODAY!

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