Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Kognition Cycle by Brandon R. Chinn

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Lisa Perdita is a Future Child, one of many who live in an age of endless digital-world connection. Secretly she is also Njorun, an infamous player-persona in the world’s most popular video game: Kognition. Between juggling schoolwork and her personal life, she has spent much of the last ten years in Kognition’s world of Midgard. First Fragment explores the beginning of the Cycle, an opening act pushed forward by death. Second Stage continues the Kognition epic by taking Lisa Perdita beyond the game itself. This edition collects First Fragment and Second Stage together for the first time with new and updated content from the author, and two short stories that further establish the characters of Lisa Perdita and Hayden Itagaki.

"You can't keep existing this way, Lisa. They've taken notice. The entire world will find out about the strength of your mind if you don't stop."

I can honestly say that I have never read anything like The Kognition Cycle! Brandon R. Chinn has such a huge, creative imagination that it is extremely easy to lose yourself in his pages.

The Kognition Cycle has combined book one: First Fragment and book two: Second stage. The author had mentioned that reading these two stories together is better for the story and the reader! I agree 100%. This is the first book I have read by Brandon R. Chinn and It will definitely not be the last. I really enjoyed that the main character was female. I know a lot of books have female leads but in this case, it is different. In the world of video games, there are some bad ass female players but they don't get the recognition they deserve in the gaming world. A lot of girls, including myself, are bullied or hit on when playing multiplayer games. Are girls not allowed to be good at video games? Is it that weird seeing a female gamer tag online? Lisa is the main character and she is also the top player in Kognition. Seeing Lisa kick ass is really awesome!

Brandon R. Chinn takes us into the future where Kognition, the first global multi player game, is extremely popular. In the future, many of the people depend on the WoAnLiNe, just as we now depend on wifi. Can you imagine connecting to wifi with just your brain? No tablets, no phones, no xbox... just your brain! Brandon imagined it and that is exactly what Lisa does! Lisa connects to Kognition through the neurotransmitters in her mind. Lisa is easily the best player on Kognition, which is weird because she never wanted to play Kognition in the first place. So, why did her parents make her play? Why is she the only one who can connect without a remote? 
Lisa basically lives two lives! One in the real world and one in Kognition. That all changes when she meets Sarah. Sarah turns Lisa's world upside down. Will Lisa ever get out of the game?

"For the first time Lisa Perdita could recall, she cared about the fate of another player."

Brandon really surprised me! This book was nothing like what I expected. I knew this book was based off a game, but I didn't know the type and to what extent. The more I read, the more I enjoyed. I found myself wondering how it took me so long to read this book! The Kognition Cycle is super awesome and could have been in my life a lot sooner. It is weird because I can totally see things like this happening in our future. Technology is so crazy that you never really know where it will take us next. I also can't wait to see where Brandon's next book takes Lisa, as well as her friends from both worlds.

If you enjoy video games and super, cool futuristic technology type stuff then this book is made for you! I absolutely love reading books that are out of the ordinary and unique. The Kognition Cycle was just what I needed!

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