Friday, September 23, 2016

Ruby's Choice by D.F. Jones

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Ditch Lane Diaries: Ruby’s Choice is the debut novel by D.F. Jones and book one of the Ditch Lane Diaries. Ruby’s Choice is a coming of age story set in the late 1970’s in Middle Tennessee with a splash of paranormal which will blossom in the second and third books of the series. Ruby’s Choice-Everglade, Tennessee, 1977 Stuck in the Middle with Two Ever since Ruby discovered an amber-encased spider web in the Campbell Ridge Cave, she has had dreams of births, deaths and glimpses into the future. Ruby’s dreams have foretold the daughter of her high school friend, Cathy, the death of her beloved Aunt Sammie, and the coming of a new love in her life. Ruby’s shift is coming to a close at Everglade General Store. As she stacks the last row of bath soap, Ruby recalls the delicious dream she had the night before. In the dream, a gorgeous guy is kissing a tickle spot, just behind her left earlobe, sending shivers up her spine. If only that dream could come true, instead of the one where a state trooper gives her a seventy-five dollar speeding ticket! Ruby snaps back to reality when she hears the store’s front door bells chime. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say the frickin’ Adonis from her sexy dream just walked through the door. Reed Jackson and Brent Brown introduce themselves to Ruby as members of the local baseball team her brother, George, manages. Brent mentions they specifically came out to the store to meet George’s hot, little sister. Ruby is slightly confused when she hears Reed murmur Tap It under his breath, but then she remembers the rumor going around campus about Reed and Brent’s dating game, where the two best friends compete to have a girl profess undying love to one of them. And Tap It is a winner takes all—all of what, though, Ruby has no clue. Ruby decides that she’ll play along, but according to her rules. She’ll suss out if either of these players is worthy of her love and respect. One thing is for sure, Ruby is no pawn. Who will be Ruby’s Choice?

Ruby's Choice was the first book I have read by D.F. Jones. Ruby's Choice was an amazing book full of drama, mystery, obstacles, secrets, love, and friends! This book really does have it all. One thing I really enjoyed was that there were two different stories going on at the same time. D.F. Jones really impressed me. I absolutely loved all the characters and that is always a huge plus! It is hard to enjoy a book when there is a character in it that you can not stand.

This book is about Ruby and her friends Sandy and Anna, who discovered a set of stones while exploring Campbell Ridge Cave. These stones are very special stones and have picked the three girls for a reason. Each girl is now destined for something greater and at this point in time, all three are still unsure as to what it is. Ruby's Choice obviously focuses a bit more on Ruby than the other girls. Ruby is faced with a big choice in this book. Who knew this choice would be about boys! Ruby is stuck and unsure which boy to date. I can not really say more without giving things away! But I can say that these boy looked at Ruby like she was a game. Everything changed when Ruby proved that she could play the game better.

"There, I have professed my love to you, the game is over. You have won." He said," Silly goose, I told you this thing between us has nothing to do with Tap It."

As I was reading, I felt like I was watching a movie! This book was so entertaining and fun to read. I picked this book up and had it read within a few hours. I absolutely LOVE, love triangles so I ate this book up. A lot of people hate love triangles, and I have even witnessed a few people leaving books bad reviews just for the fact that they do not like love triangles. In my opinion, they make the book more fun. You are more into the relationships and you even pick a team in hopes that the person picks the boy or girl that you like better too. Love triangles are extremely frustrating and I totally feel for all the people involved,but I just love them. I already mentioned this above, but I did love how the author had Ruby's boy problems and the stone mystery going on at the same time. While reading, I had completely forgotten about the girls and their stones until the end when Ruby and the girls bring it up again. We do get a little insight on the stones and what they mean at the end! So you definitely have to read the book to see what boy Ruby picks and what the girls are destined for. You should also read this book to check out what kind of game "Tap It" is! But to be honest, you just need to read this book!

D.F. Jones really surprised me and I am so excited to finish this series. I am now a huge fan of D.F. Jones' work. Her writing was so unique and flowed so perfectly that I forgot I was even reading. I highly recommend this book.

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