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Happily Ticked Off by Andrea Frazer

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Former Hollywood sitcom writer and funny girl Andrea R. Frazer thought she had it all: a hunky husband, two gorgeous kids, a house in the 'burbs . . . but when her son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, a disorder that causes uncontrollable tics and twitches, her fantasy life imploded. Terrified, she feared he would bark, scream and curse in circle time. Turns out the only person who barked, screamed and cursed was Andrea, as she went head-to-head with this confusing condition. From diet to meds, shrinks to therapists, Frazer has written a no-holds-barred mom-moir about the realities of raising a kid on the spectrum. It isn't always pretty, but it's real, and if you're as scared as she was, clarity can look pretty darn gorgeous. Written with humor, transparency and most importantly, hope, it's Andrea's desire that this book will hold the hand of every special needs parent. "May it whisper in your ear, 'You did not cause this condition. Stop blaming yourself. You are not alone.' And while you're at it, eat a taco. Life is better with a little food. (Trust me on this one.)" Andrea" 

I can honestly say that I have never read a book like this before. Happily Ticked Off is the story of a mom and her journey with tourettes. I am very familiar with the term, and the tics, due to my brother actually being diagnosed with tourettes many years ago. That is mainly why this book sparked my interest so much.

Andrea Frazer is a brilliant writer and has been writing for quite some time. This is the first time I have ever read any of her work and I really enjoyed it. Frazer writes about such a serious topic but in such a humorous way. I don't think many people could do that as successfully as she did. There is a point in the book where she compares her son's tics to family members.

"Like your Aunt Sally, tics are eccentric and always changing. At least they don't wear house coats and small like old musk."

Happily Ticked Off will mess with your feelings a bit, but you come out with so much knowledge and so much information. I was surprised with the words I picked up and all the stuff I learned throughout this book. Frazer writes in such a familiar way that it is extremely easy to relate to her situation and feel all the emotions she felt. I was irritated when she was irritated and happy when she was happy and so on. Frazer wrote this book as if it was a letter to all the moms out there who are struggling with tourettes. I really recommend this book to parents and I am going to make my own mom read this book as well. Frazer is not the only mother who feels this way!

This book is a little guide full of helpful tips and insight on the subject. Frazer covers problems she faced and you may face as well with your child. The biggest problem I think she covered is tourettes in the school system. I feel like her experience with the school her son went to is so very important because children with tics can easily get made fun of, not learn, and become really distracted while at school. My brother had a lot of problems with school once he reached high school. It was nice to see that Frazer's son was doing such an amazing job in school and never really had trouble with bullying and making friends. This proves that it is all how you look at the situation.

"If you can't instantly change the tics, change your thinking."

Frazer has a hard time accepting her son's tics and does not take it well at all.. but who does? I know my mom had trouble with my brother and still does to this day. It was interesting to kind of compare the things Frazer did to the things my mother did for my brother. I liked how Frazer went the natural/ no medicine way! A lot of kids grow out of their tics as they mature, but there are always those few who don't. What I completely loved about Frazer's son is that he loves his tics. He knows what they are and he knows some kids will ask about them and he is honest with the kids that do. Her son is proud of who he is and since he loves his tics, he does not let them bother him. Such a smart boy!

Okay, I am probably giving away a million spoilers here! Sorry everyone, I feel like I can ramble on and on about this book all night. Overall, I really enjoyed reading about Frazer's journey and how her family dealt with her son's tourettes. Frazer really does have a way with words! I also enjoyed all the little quotes she added at the beginning of every chapter. Oh, and I can't forget about her humorous chapter titles! Many, if not all, chapters had the word 'tic' in the title! You can tell she put her heart and soul into this mom-moir and it definitely paid off! There is something so honest and real about Frazer's writing. It is a very touching story, and definitely one that you will want to read.

Tourettes is not the end of the world! Just the beginning of a new one.

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