Monday, October 17, 2016

Keys To The Sun by Marcel Feldmar

- Goodreads Synopsis -
In a city built on legends, the truth is hard to find. 

There is a song about a certain house located somewhere in New Orleans. A house that holds a secret that could shift the balance between good and evil. A secret discovered by three teenagers who find themselves on an adventure that takes them though the French Quarter, from magical playgrounds to mysterious cemeteries. 

On vacation in New Orleans with their parents, Lucas and Parker Chance meet Nicole Wells, a new friend who will be staying with them in an old mansion in the Garden District. After exploring the house during a thunderstorm the adventurous trio finds an old map and strange runes that could point the way towards that legendary house. Before they realize what’s happening they find themselves caught between the darkness and the light as they begin to search for the keys that supposedly can open the door of the House of the Rising Sun. 

Unfortunately there are malevolent forces looking for the same thing, so with the help of their enigmatic Aunt Ruby, the three must follow a trail of clues while avoiding the sinister Trista Cillian and her colleagues. Aunt Ruby, who has been involved in this struggle for far longer than anyone realizes, helps as much as she can while the youngsters race to complete their quest before it’s too late. 

The path the three friends have chosen is dangerous, and as they race to complete their quest they learn to trust each other and accept the help of strangers that appear along the way. They learn that there is a difference between what is real and what is seen, they discover the magic that flows along the streets of New Orleans, and they realize that some mysteries are not meant to be solved. 

Keys To The Sun is a Young Adult novel that will delight fans of mysteries, the supernatural, New Orleans, Vampires, adventure, and really good beignets.

"Once a key-seeker, always a key-seeker."

This is the first book I have read by Feldmar Marcel and I must say that it will not be my last! I was so surprised by this book. It really impressed me and It had my complete attention until the very end. 

Keys to The Sun is about a pair of brothers, Lucas and Parker, who stay with their Aunt Ruby for the summer. There, they meet a bunch of new people and a girl named Cole. Together the kids explore Ruby's creepy old house and around the town. Ruby lives in Twilight Oaks, located in New Orleans. Twilight Oaks is said to be the home to vampires! Yes, you read that correctly. There are many myths and legends that surround Twilight Oaks. While exploring Ruby's house, the children find something unexpected in the attic. The children do not realize that this discovery will forever change their lives. Shortly after this discovery.. people are breaking into Ruby's house and following the children around. What could they want with them? The children soon learn what they have in their possession and that is when their story really begins. You will not want to miss out on their adventures! Who would want to miss out on a Norse Map, vikings, vampires, weird stones, legends, pirates and treasure? I know I definitely wouldn't want to!

"There are good and evil people. There are good and evil monsters. There is a balance."

Keys To The Sun is filled with mystery, excitement, suspense, betrayal, friendship, and bravery! There was never a dull moment and this book left me on the edge of my seat until the very end. I was constantly trying to put the pieces together the whole time and was always on the look out for new bad people! I was so caught up in this book that it almost felt like I was in it. I love when I am able to read a book and put myself into the story and the pages. Feldmar allows the reader to run around the streets of Twilight Oaks with the children while trying to solve the mystery. 

Feldmar created an amazing town with lots of wonderful characters. I love the way he portrayed New Orleans and the creepy vibe. As I said before, When you can relate to the characters and bring yourself into the book with them, you know you are reading a really good book. I really enjoyed Feldmar's writing style and I highly recommend this book!

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