Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Of Winged Creatures & Nesting Grounds by A. Wilding Wells

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Trapped in a cage…

I was running against time and desperate to conquer my fears with my “don’t forget to be awesome” plan. 
One night, I was sulking over my uglier-than-homemade-sin life and reeling from another painful loss. As I thought about my new life, a handsome gent named Hunt Hardick sat next to me. He looked like a good start and was likely a hell of a finish. Suddenly, my plan took on a life of its own.

After a long day as one of San Francisco’s most prominent ob/gyns, I stopped at a bar for a bourbon and a mental break from my ex, who I couldn’t seem to bleach from my system. One glance at Happy’s tearstained angelic face and I was done. I’d never been a guy to turn down a stunning woman who also looked like a beautiful project. 

Hunt was a key in my locked cage that once opened meant I might fly away.

An emotionally charged, rich with feeling story about survival, triumph, and a girl named Happy Go Lucky who had a plan. A plan that didn’t include the ruggedly sexy gynecologist who inserted himself in her life.

This is not the first book I have read by A. Wilding Wells and I can promise that it will not be the last. Yes, it is true that she likes her romance, but her books contain so much more than just romance and love scenes. One by one, her books continue to amaze me.

"He means his smiles, and not everyone does. But, with him, they seem to come from his core. And, while those smiles warm me, lure me in, they scare me."

I have no idea how I am writing right now. After reading Of Winged Creatures & Nesting grounds, I was speechless and left in a book hangover. I wasn't sure how to feel about finishing the book. I know this has happened to all of you readers out there. You are happy, because you finished the book.. but you are sad, because you are leaving the characters for a little while.

I can always count on A. Wilding Wells to write an amazing love story! I am always so excited to read her books because she never disappoints! In this story we meet Happy and Hunt. These are two very different characters, but maybe that is the point? Hunt helps Happy in so many different ways. The two change each others lives for the better, but will it last? Hunt has a problem with saying goodbye. Can this ruin their relationship? Who is Hunt not saying goodbye to? You will have to read this book for yourself to see more of Happy and Hunt's relationship and the drama they face. This is a very romantic, refreshing type of love. Happy and Hunt's love is the ideal, I don't care about looks, type of love. I need to stop typing before I start giving stuff away.! Which is extremely hard because I just want to sit here and talk about this book all day! This is a book and a love story that you do not want to miss out on!

"My demons slither away when he gazes at me."

As I stated above, A. Wilding Well's stories are not just love and romance. Happy has had an extremely rough life and has never felt accepted anywhere. She deals with inner demons and has a whole story of her own going on while she and Hunt share a love story of their own. It is nice to see such thought out and well developed characters. I felt everything that Happy felt. She is such a likable character that it is hard not to relate to her. Lets talk about Hunt now! Hunt is not your average bad boy, and isn't even your average nice boy. There is something special about Hunt and that is what makes their relationship so magical. This book had a hold of my heart and all my feelings were out of my control. Have your feelings ever been controlled by a book before? I know, it sounds super weird, but it is true! The book was controlling my feelings!

"Maybe you were mean't to be mine all along." Color flames across her cheeks. I bury my lips in her hair then whisper, "Maybe you've always been mine or always will be."

A Wilding Well's writing is so enjoyably, magical. I am a forever fan of hers and have been for a while now! Her writing really speaks to me and it is as if she picked the perfect words and wrote them down at the perfect time. Her writing flows so smoothly it is amazing. Each scene is so vivid because her writing is descriptive. I read this whole book like it was a movie playing right before my eyes! Oh, and we can not forget to talk about this beautiful cover!!! All her covers kind of match and are all so pretty and bright! They are beautiful books, inside and out.

This book is definitely a must read! Add it to your TBR list right now! Of Winged Creatures & Nesting Grounds hits shelves October 17th, 2016, so make sure to look out for it! 

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