Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rebirth by Skye Malone

- Goodreads Synopsis -
One summer later…
Ari Moreau knows all about dehaians, but they’ve never heard of people like her. Hidden in plain sight, the wizards of the ancient world still thrive, rich and privileged and far from the ocean magic that could kill them all.

But when an evening party turns into a bloody dehaian ambush, Ari’s hidden world is shattered. Assassins from the underwater kingdom of Yvaria have come to kill her people and only the last-minute intervention of a gorgeous boy with inexplicable powers saves her life.

Two worlds are about to collide…
But the guy who rescued her shouldn’t exist. He’s impossible in every sense of the word. And the truth of his identity means that nothing in Ari’s life will ever be the same again. 

"It was beautiful. I couldn't deny that. The rush of the waves, the sense of depth just there- right there- waiting like a whole world barely beyond your fingertips."

Rebirth takes you back into Skye Malone's beautifully, creative mind! Her world is so dark, yet so beautiful! I can not even try to explain the world inside her books because I will not do it justice! The world she created is too magically for words. I was not sure what to expect from this book, going back into this world, and seeing some of the characters again. I can honestly tell you that I am not disappointed at all! Skye went above and beyond for her readers and gave us another AMAZING book! I fell in love with all the characters in this series and when I finished the 5th book, I was unsure how to feel. When I heard there was going to be more books I literally jumped for joy!

"The Beast has never left a single one of our kind alive. Yet Arabella lives."

The Awakened Fate series kind of ended with the fifth book, so this book is going back into the story, a year later, from the beasts point of view! I know, you are all probably wondering who or what the beast is, but you will have to read the series to figure all that out! Skye has given her readers some really cool creatures in her past books and continued to do so with Rebirth! Rebirth introduces another really cool creature, a Ruanir! For those who are not familiar with a Ruanir, they have magic and are similar to wizards! How awesome is that? This series really, truly has everything a book needs! There are well developed characters, awesome creatures, drama, excitement, friendship, love, betrayal, and surprises!

In Rebirth we meet a young girl named Ari. Ari is a Ruanir and to her knowledge no one knows that her kind still exist. This all changed when she was attacked on the beach by dehaian. Could the dehaian know what she is? Why were dehaian after her? But someone saved Ari. It was a boy, and this was not your average boy.. this boy was the beast! If Ari was really in the presence of the beast.. why is she still alive? Ari's whole world changes the moment she meets this boy. Her world gets turned upside down and she isn't sure who she can trust anymore. I make it sound like this book is all about Ari, but it is about the beast too! We get to see how the beast lives and what it is like being the beast. I really enjoyed this because us readers were introduced to him in previous books before he was the beast, so it is nice seeing him again. Don't feel left out! You can learn all about the boy before he was the beast too. You just need to pick up book one of The Awakened Fate Series! That is all I am allowing myself to say. I love these characters so much, therefore, I am unable to speak about them without giving away millions of spoilers! And I know.. no one likes spoilers.

"And I hadn't known what to do when she lay there, this girl who should have been afraid of me, facing asleep in my arms instead. I hadn't imagined this feeling would come back. Not again. And I didn't want it to."

Skye Malone is one of my favorite authors! Her writing is so magical and her words really transport you into her world. She knows exactly what to say to portray the perfect scene in her readers mind. I need to see this series as a movie! That would be absolutely amazing! Rebirth is everything I wanted and more as an Awakened Fate fan. You all definitely need to add this book to your TBR list! Rebirth will be available November 10th! For those of you who have not read the previous books in this series, you can get the first book here!

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