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TRB has a new logo!

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I am so happy to announce that The Reading Bum has a new and improved logo! @_Evere_ ,on instagram, was kind enough to create a beautiful photo for me of a mermaid reading a book. I loved the photo so much that she allowed me to use the photo as my new logo. She was even kind enough to create the whole logo for me! How sweet is that? I have big plans for this logo and hope to see it on shirts some day soon! At the moment, @_evere_ is only using instagram to show her artwork, so make sure you guys all go take a look at her page by clicking HERE! You won't regret it!

Old ➜ New!  

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dark Dreams and Dead Things by Martina McAtee

- Goodreads Synopsis -
17-year-old November Lonergan spent her whole life feeling like an outsider. She was right. She’s a reaper like her mother; like her two cousins, Kai and Tristin. The supernatural world believes they are part of a prophecy to save them from an evil known as the Grove. Ember just wants to survive high school and fix the fallout from bringing back her friend. 

Old enemies are lurking; waiting for their opportunity to strike but the pack has a new problem. A group of legendary hunters has resurfaced, threatening the reapers and anybody who stands with them. They are making good on their threats too; attacking those closest to the pack.

Their only hope of defeating the Legionaries involves trusting a stranger to perform a dangerous spell to advance Ember and her cousin’s powers. But Ember has a secret; a secret she can’t tell the pack. One that leaves the pack vulnerable.

An attack on pack allies, leaves one member of the group injured and another missing, along with a mysterious girl named Evangeline who may play a bigger part in this than any of them realize. As the Legionaries are closing in, the pack must trust their enemies, enter hostile territories, and play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a psychopath. Their entire plan lynches on a dangerous bargain, but rescuing one member of the pack could mean losing another in their place…possibly forever. 

"Her magic was happy for Mace's return. As always, it stretched from Ember, reaching for his magic, wanting to play"

Martina McAtee never disappoints! I was so excited to finally read this book! It is definitely bigger than the first book, which makes it that much better! Big books about witches, werewolves, fairies, reapers, and the dead are the best kind of books! 

Dark Dreams and Dead Things is the second book in the Dead Things Series! In this book we get to jump back into Martina's world and see all our favorite characters and then some! Book two starts up right where the first book left off. Mace is trapped, Quinn is back, and Tristin still hates Ember. The only thing that has changed is that the three cousins found out that they are part of something special. Ember, Tristin, and Kai are part of an old prophecy, which makes many people fear them. The grove is starting to figure the prophecy out, and in the meantime, children are going missing, packs are being slaughtered, and the cousin's can't get their powers to work. Ember, Kai, and Tristin are the only ones who can stop everything. The only problem is, is that without Mace.. Ember is magicless. Ember can get Mace back, but on one condition. Will she give up her magic? Is there another way? 

"You know that the good of the many is greater than our little love story. No matter how epic it seems to us."

I didn't think it was possible to top the first book, but I was wrong. This book was absolutely amazing and I love all the new characters, especially Evangaline! It was a nice twist and I feel like she made Ember feel a little less alone, since their powers complimented each others. On top of all the new characters, there are also many different stories going on throughout the book. We have Mace's and Ember's story, Kai's and Rhy's story, Tristin's and Quinn's story, and then the packs story! That is all I can really say about them because I do not want to give anything away! You will have to pick up the first book to figure out what is going on with all these amazing characters! As I stated before, these books are huge, but Martina is able to grab your attention and keep it until the very last page. Once you begin reading, you don't even realize how big the book is because you are so consumed with the characters and the story. One thing that I noticed right away, and really enjoyed, were all the Harry Potter references! Yay for HP! 

""So what do you want to do until morning?"
"I could make the ceiling look like Hogwarts again?" Quinn suggested. 
That was one of Ember's personal favorites; floating candles were awesome.

Martina McAtee's writing is so descriptive and so beautiful that she really brings you into her world. She creates such a dark, yeyt beautiful place in the readers mind. There were a few characters that I did not enjoy too much, but there were so many that I did enjoy! It is so easy to get swept up into each characters problems that you begin to feel as if you are that character. Martina did an amazing job allowing the reader to relate with her characters. Books are million times better when the reader likes/relates to the characters. It was nice to see how far the characters have come since the first book, and I loved seeing them develop throughout book 2. 

Dark Dreams and Dead Things kept me on my toes the whole time! This book was the total opposite of predictable and I was freaking out the whole time because I had no idea what what going to happen next. I enjoyed how the book was told in different points of view. As a reader, I love being able to see inside the minds of multiple characters, instead of just the main character. I really love books with multiple points of veiw!

Okay, so you all seriously need to read this series! Martina McAtee is absolutely amazing and I have no idea how all this comes from her mind! The story is awesome, the characters are awesome, the magic is awesome and everything is just AWESOME! 

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Color of Us by Laura Ward & Christine Manzari

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Eighteen year old Alexis Sinclair is lost in the darkness of grief. Since the death of her sister in a car accident, she can’t find the will to get out and enjoy life again. When she’s forced to face her biggest fear and take a summer Driver’s Ed course, she’s surprised to find hope in the most unlikely person. 

Liam O’Connell is trouble. He isn’t proud of his dark past, and he knows Alexis is the one girl he has no business pursuing. Doing the right thing has never been easy for him, but this time, it just might be impossible. 

The perfect girl and troubled boy are all wrong for each other, but as Liam helps Alexis cope with her grief, they realize nothing has ever felt more right.

That is, until Alexis uncovers a secret about Liam that breaks her heart. 

Liam knows he can’t allow the one good thing in his life to walk away without a fight, and he’s determined to convince Alexis they can find their way out of the darkness together. Can he prove he’s worthy of her, or is some love too tainted to be saved?

"Who knew the boy in black would be so vibrant."

After reading The Color of Us by Laura Ward & Christine Manzari, I found myself wondering why I have never read the first book in the College Bound Series. This book was incredible! How have I been living without this series in my life? 

The Color of Us is about a young girl named Alexis. Something traumatic happens in her life and leaves her afraid to get behind the wheel of a car. I guess you can automatically assume that it has something to do with an accident. Alexis is fine with never driving, but her parents force her to learn how. She meets a boy in traffic school. Alexis doesn't particularly like this boy, but something about him really intrigues her. Alexis and Liam's life will never be the same after traffic school. These two become extremely fond of one another.. until Alexis learns about Liam's family. Could Alexis date a man who hid this from her? How can Liam keep something so big from her? This is enough to end Alexis and Liam but will it? Liam is determined to prove his worth to Alexis.. can he? 

"I was meant for sin. Until I met you. Until you saved me. And with every touch and every kiss, you healed my soul."

I did not really know what I was expecting when I picked up this book! The only thing I knew was that it was a very colorful book and that one of the author posts AMAZING bookstagram photos (Christine Manzari)! As I began to read, I became more and more caught up in the characters and the story. I read this book in one sitting because there was no way I was going to be able to put this book down after I started it. Yes, this book is a very sweet, intense love story, but it is also so much more than that. This book is full of happiness, yes, but also sadness and betrayal. This book will make you feel every emotion possible. But that is how you know a book is good.. That is how you know a book can really grab a reader. 

We not only learn a lot about Alexis, but we also get a good glimpse into Liam's life. Liam does not have the best reputation in town. People don't know about the problems Liam has at home or about what he is dealing with inside. As the reader, we are shown Alexis's traumatic experience right off the bat, but not Liam's. When Ward & Manzari finally threw Liam's story at me and all the information about his brother, my heart broke. It was such a huge surprise and totally changed the whole story. I love the detail and thought she put into her characters.When they were sad, I was crying, and when they were happy, I was super excited for them! 

"He wasn't trouble, he was pure temptation. What scared me was how much I liked it."

I am completely obsessed with the two author's writing and I need more of it. No, I am not exaggerating! This book won me over and I am now a huge fan! I am definitely going to read out more books by the two of them. I know I have said this already, but every part of this book was just so well thought out. Just thinking about the characters and all the little sweet things Liam did for Alexis and her family makes me so happy. This is a book I will definitely reread and it is super hard for me to write this review because I can't really say much more without spoiling it! All I can say is that Alexis has some great friends and that Liam is TOTALLY book boyfriend material! 

I honestly just love this book and the more I think about it the more I remember little things that I forgot about. This book has it all! Friends, family, love, hope, drama, breakups, death, and so much more! This is not your average romance book and it is definitely a MUST READ! What are you waiting for? 

Today's Promises by S.R. Grey

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Starting over isn’t easy, especially when the past keeps coming back to haunt you. 

Flynn O’Neill and Jaynie Cumberland thought life outside the foster care system would be a breeze. Now eighteen and sharing a home in the quaint, little town of Lawrence, West Virginia, their new start should be nothing short of idyllic.

Unfortunately, it is not. 

Flynn and Jaynie are discovering that picking up the pieces of their shattered lives and moving forward is far from easy, particularly when the past keeps rearing its ugly head. And then, as if things weren’t tough enough, they are told the evil Allison Lowry, their former foster sister, may be released from prison early. 

Committed to not allowing that to happen, Flynn and Jaynie begin to search for ways to keep their former tormentor behind bars. In doing so, dark secrets are uncovered. But instead of setting this young couple back, these new developments allow Jaynie and Flynn to grow closer than ever. As their commitment to one another deepens, these two broken people find new purpose and, more importantly, realize the healing they so deeply desire is finally within reach.

Today’s Promises is the beautiful, stirring conclusion to Flynn and Jaynie’s journey that first began in Tomorrow’s Lies. 

"Facing your demons head on, the ones from the past, that crap is never easy."

I read Tomorrow's Lies by S.R. Grey and absolutely fell in love with the story and her characters. I have been waiting SO LONG for this second book to be finished! Today's Promises was absolutely amazing and did not disappoint me at all! This book went above and beyond all my expectations. I do not know how I am going to be able to write this review because S.R Grey has given me the biggest book hang-over I have ever had!

Today's Promises picks up right where Tomorrow's lies ends. I can not tell you how happy I was to jump back into Jaynie and Flynn's story! If you read the first book in the series, then you know that the two were living in a terrible foster home. Their experiences in the system and in Mrs. Lowrey's house have scarred them and are still haunting the couple to this day. How do they move on? How do the two of them live a normal life after their horrible past? Even with their former foster parent behind bars, is it possible to just forget everything? This book is about Flynn and Jaynie trying to keep the Lowrey's behind bars for as long as they possibly can. You will not imagine the plans these two come up with! After a while, the couple discovers something about Mrs. Lowrey, and her daughter, that could keep them in jail for years. That is exactly what Jaynie and Flynn want! They are now more determined than ever to prove that Mrs. Lowrey is guilty! Unfortunately, I can not tell you what she might be guilty of, beacuse that would ruin the story for you! You need to pick up a copy of this book to find out for yourself! This is a series you definitely do not want to miss out on! I would love to say more, but I think I gave enough away already. It is really hard to talk about this book without giving any spoilers! I could go on and on about this book for hours!

As I said when I read the first book, I love stories about the foster care system. People do not realize what goes on in some houses and that the foster care system can be very corrupt at times. I am blown away by this story. S.R Grey has an amazing mind, and I can not believe that she put this story together. Grey's writing is so vividly, beautiful! I can totally see this series becoming a movie. As I read, her words turned into scenes right before my eyes! 

I fell absolutely in love with all of S.R. Grey's characters all over again! Is that even possible? Can you fall in love with characters twice? Her characters are so complex and well developed it is hard not to! Each character has a well thought out background that really makes who they are in the book now. You can't love a book if you don't love the characters. I absolutely love Flynn and Jaynie's relationship! He will always protect her and is ready to do absolutely anything for her. These two are really something special. Flynn is definitely book boyfriend material! In all honesty, every character in this book is special. Each charcter has such a big meaning in this book, that without one of them, this book would not be the same. It has been a while since I have read a book with characters that I love as much as the characters in this book. 

S.R. Grey really has a way with words and she proves that with these amazing books! Once I started this book, I knew there was no stopping. I couldn't part with this book until the last word was read. I am a forever fan! If this series is not on your TBR list.. it really needs to be! I promise you will not regret picking up this book! 

*Fun Fact*
My review for the first book in this series, Tomorrow's Lies, is the most shared/viewed post on my blog! I was a little nervous writing this review, because I knew it had to be just as good, if not better, than the first one. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Filling The Void by Zainab T. Khan

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Two incomplete individuals who meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances, just to be whole again. Fate sure loves an extravagance.

After the sudden death of her beloved Granda, Candice Davis finds herself unable to play the piano. With her best friend gone and her passion blocked, Candice decides to return to her hometown in Rozenne to volunteer at her favorite place in the world: Greenwich Orphanage. Between Nathan, Jake, and all of the other orphans, Candice believes her life is finally filled with love, but then she meets James. 
He’s tall, stubborn, and smells just like her woodworking Granda. He’s also invisible. Literally. And though Candice doesn’t seem to notice she’s the only one who can see him, Candice senses something is off about him—and her life. 
Torn between an impending adoption and a terrible accident, Candice has to solve the mystery of James and learn to play the piano again, or she’ll never fill the void of her broken heart.

"Every time he was close to me, the surroundings became colder. James Wayne left chills in his wake."

Filling The Void by Zainab T. Khan is a very unique paranormal story! I was not expecting this story line and it is very different from your average paranormal book. I was so sure that this book was about ghosts and then BAM, it wasn't. The ending definitely surprised me, and the book kept me extremely entertained!

Filling The Void is a short, sweet story about a boy named James, who can not be seen by the world. James had an awesome life full of money, riches, and parents who were always traveling. Jame's world was turned upside down the day he upset the wrong person. How would you handle being invisible?How could James be visible one day and then invisible the next? Could you go from interacting with the world, to never speaking to anyone ever again? James is slowly getting used to being invisible and alone, until a young woman named Candice spots him. You read that right! She can actually see him! This is when the book really begins! James reminds Candice of one of the things she misses most in this world. Candice and James will never be the same. These two begin to help each other in ways they would never expect. 

I really enjoyed this book! I looked at the page count and was a little confused with how short the book was, but don't let that page number turn you away! This book is packed with friendship, love, family, tears, happiness, and so much more! I am completely blown away with all the detail, characters, and stories that Zainab T. Khan packed into these pages. I was impressed with the fact that Khan gave us multiple different stories in this book. A few of the characters have their own stories going on in the background of the book. As a reader, you are able to understand the main characters better, as well as some others, by seeing into their life and daily thoughts. This may be why I enjoyed the characters so much! Khan's characters were absolutely amazing, and I really do mean it! I immediately fell in love with every single one of them. Each character is well developed, which allows the reader to really follow the story, as well as the character, better. I found myself getting sad when Candice was sad, and happy when she was happy. I love it when an author can really draw in the reader, and allows the reader to feel as if he or she is in the book with the characters.  I really liked Khan's writing style. I felt like her style was a bit friendly and familiar, which really grabbed my attention. I was hooked immediately and I had no choice but to continue reading this book until the very last word.  

You really don't want to miss out on Candice's and Jame's story! The ending will really surprise you and make you want to read more of Zainab T. Khan's work. This is the first book I have read by Khan, and I can honestly say that I am eager to read more.