Thursday, November 10, 2016

Filling The Void by Zainab T. Khan

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Two incomplete individuals who meet in the unlikeliest of circumstances, just to be whole again. Fate sure loves an extravagance.

After the sudden death of her beloved Granda, Candice Davis finds herself unable to play the piano. With her best friend gone and her passion blocked, Candice decides to return to her hometown in Rozenne to volunteer at her favorite place in the world: Greenwich Orphanage. Between Nathan, Jake, and all of the other orphans, Candice believes her life is finally filled with love, but then she meets James. 
He’s tall, stubborn, and smells just like her woodworking Granda. He’s also invisible. Literally. And though Candice doesn’t seem to notice she’s the only one who can see him, Candice senses something is off about him—and her life. 
Torn between an impending adoption and a terrible accident, Candice has to solve the mystery of James and learn to play the piano again, or she’ll never fill the void of her broken heart.

"Every time he was close to me, the surroundings became colder. James Wayne left chills in his wake."

Filling The Void by Zainab T. Khan is a very unique paranormal story! I was not expecting this story line and it is very different from your average paranormal book. I was so sure that this book was about ghosts and then BAM, it wasn't. The ending definitely surprised me, and the book kept me extremely entertained!

Filling The Void is a short, sweet story about a boy named James, who can not be seen by the world. James had an awesome life full of money, riches, and parents who were always traveling. Jame's world was turned upside down the day he upset the wrong person. How would you handle being invisible?How could James be visible one day and then invisible the next? Could you go from interacting with the world, to never speaking to anyone ever again? James is slowly getting used to being invisible and alone, until a young woman named Candice spots him. You read that right! She can actually see him! This is when the book really begins! James reminds Candice of one of the things she misses most in this world. Candice and James will never be the same. These two begin to help each other in ways they would never expect. 

I really enjoyed this book! I looked at the page count and was a little confused with how short the book was, but don't let that page number turn you away! This book is packed with friendship, love, family, tears, happiness, and so much more! I am completely blown away with all the detail, characters, and stories that Zainab T. Khan packed into these pages. I was impressed with the fact that Khan gave us multiple different stories in this book. A few of the characters have their own stories going on in the background of the book. As a reader, you are able to understand the main characters better, as well as some others, by seeing into their life and daily thoughts. This may be why I enjoyed the characters so much! Khan's characters were absolutely amazing, and I really do mean it! I immediately fell in love with every single one of them. Each character is well developed, which allows the reader to really follow the story, as well as the character, better. I found myself getting sad when Candice was sad, and happy when she was happy. I love it when an author can really draw in the reader, and allows the reader to feel as if he or she is in the book with the characters.  I really liked Khan's writing style. I felt like her style was a bit friendly and familiar, which really grabbed my attention. I was hooked immediately and I had no choice but to continue reading this book until the very last word.  

You really don't want to miss out on Candice's and Jame's story! The ending will really surprise you and make you want to read more of Zainab T. Khan's work. This is the first book I have read by Khan, and I can honestly say that I am eager to read more.

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