Friday, January 6, 2017

Cyborg Tales by J.F. Johns

- Goodreads Synopsis -
They're cyborgs.
They weren't always.

Eric Thorn's best friend is seeking revenge. Bloody revenge. Lisa Vanderbell's husband is behaving strangely. Sam Harris is losing his family whilst Madeleine Smith can't wait to forget hers. Rory Patterson is dying and Charlotte Yin is going blind. 

I read Eternal Darkness last year and was blown away with the characters and the story. The whole concept of this series is just so awesome that I can not believe a human mind thought of it all! Maybe J.F. Johns is secretly a cyborg? Hmm.

Cyborg tales is a very short novella about a few characters and how they became cyborgs! We get to hear stories from Sam, Lisa, Rory, Eric, Madeleine, and Charlotte. All 6 of these characters have totally different reasons for wanting to go to this mysterious place that can supposedly cure any illness! But can this place actually help them? Does this place actually have the cure? Or do they have other intentions for these patients?  If only the characters knew that their lives would never be the same when they woke up in that place.

It was awesome to get back into John's world and revisit her characters. It definitely got me all excited and ready for the next book to be released! If science, cyborgs, and books in general are your thing, then you need to pick up the first book in this series! This is a series you definitely do not want to miss out on.

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