Friday, January 6, 2017

Dreamers Often Lie by Jacqueline West

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Jaye wakes up from a skiing accident with a fractured skull, a blinding headache, and her grip on reality sliding into delusion. Determined to get back to her starring role in the school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Jaye lies to her sister, her mom, her doctors. She's fine, she says. She's fine. If anyone knew the truth - that hallucinations of Shakespeare and his characters have followed her from her hospital bed to the high school halls - it would all be over. She’s almost managing to pull off the act when Romeo shows up in her anatomy class. And it turns out that he's 100% real. Suddenly Jaye has to choose between lying to everyone else and lying to herself.

Troubled by the magnetic new kid, a long-lost friend turned recent love interest, and the darkest parts of her family's past, Jaye’s life tangles with Shakespeare's most famous plays until she can't tell where truth ends and pretending begins. Soon, secret meetings and dizzying first kisses give way to more dangerous things. How much is real, how much is in Jaye's head, and how much does it matter as she flies toward a fate over which she seems to have no control?

 "If you sit by yourself in a dark room for long enough, you'll see ghosts."

I have never read anything by Jacqueline West before so I was really excited to start this book. Oh, and how about this cover? This cover is so beautiful yet so mysterious! I had no idea what the book was even about until I began reading! The story is very unique and completely different from anything I have ever read. Which is always a good thing! I love reading books that are different and Now days, a lot of books are starting to become very similar.

Dreamers Often Lie is about a girl named Jaye. Jaye happens to be in a very horrific accident that put her in the hospital. Jaye has a frontal lobe injury which can affect a persons memory, personality, and physical functions. Jaye begins to mix up real life and her dream life. Jaye is the star of her school play, A mid Summer night's dream, and I think the stress of the play and the possibility of not being well in time, plays a big factor in her Shakespearean hallucinations. Jaye begins to see Characters from Shakespeare's plays in real life, which starts to really take a toll on her. Jaye refuses to tell anyone about her hallucinations. She just wants to be normal again. Jaye rekindles her friendship with pierce, an old family friend, and also meets a new boy, Rob. Rob just so happens to be the Romeo from her dreams. It takes a while for her to believe he is really real at first. Jaye starts to like Rob, but it is hard for her to be open about it because Pierce absolutely despises him. What will Jaye do? How can she make such big decisions?  She isn't even fully healed yet! How will she handle her hallucinations? Will she ever learn what is real and what isn't?

Dreamers Often Lie was really well written and fun! I loved being in Jaye's world surrounded by Shakespeare's characters. This book feels like it would have been really hard to write. The author did an amazing job bringing back Shakespearian characters and she did an awesome job making them feel real! Jacqueline didn't change the characters at all, it was like her characters were the same exact characters I used to read about in my english classes in high school. The author really did take on a hard task when writing this book, and I can honestly say that she completely nailed it! woohoo!

I did have to read this book very carefully though! If one speed reads, or does not pay close attention, I can see the reader becoming easily confused. The relationships drove me insane throughout the book! I really do love me some love triangles! But for some reason this one just drove me completely bonkers. Sometimes I liked Rob and other times I liked Pierce! I still do not know who I like more! 

The only problem I had with this book was the ending. It was definitely an open ending, which is okay! I am all for leaving books open and letting the readers minds wander. But my problem is that I'm not completely sure I even understood what happened. I obviously can't go into detail about it because I would hate to give the ending away for anyone! My advice would be to pay very close attention when reading the end and maybe you will be a little more confident in what you think happened, than I am.

Overall, very good book and extremely well written. Like I said before, you have to be a really good writer to pull off a book like this.

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