Thursday, January 5, 2017

How One Attempts To Chase Gravity by Nicole Campbell

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Ethan Fisher is kind of a badass- just ask him. The fact that he plays guitar and sings in a band only serves as fuel to the fire of his flirtatious nature. That is until he meets Courtney Ross, a sort of anxious, pixie-like cheerleader with a vocabulary much larger than his. Things would be perfect if she didn’t live eighteen hundred miles away. She shifts his perspective and steals his heart, but how long can she keep it? Find out what was behind all of those sexy smirks in What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar, and what really went down the night of that fateful phone call.

College bound, Ethan knows he will run into Courtney eventually, and he is determined to have another chance to be the man she thought he was. If it is even possible for her to speak to him without throwing her coffee in his face. He’s willing to take his chances in hopes that the infatuation of their summer love can hold up in the real world. In a novel that is part insightful overlap, part delicious sequel, learn how this winding tale of love and heartbreak ends.

"She hurried back into the house, no longer a single girl. Were you ever really single after you saw him anyways?"

I read What Comes Of Eating Donuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar and absolutely fell in love with Nicole's work and her characters. Her characters came to life and became some of the quickest friends I have ever made. After that, I knew I needed to read the rest of the Gem City books.

How One Attempts To Chase Gravity is book two in the Gem City series. I absolutely loved this book because the whole first half was basically book one, What Comes Of EAting Donuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar, but from Ethan's point of view. As the reader, I felt very lucky to learn about how Ethan was feeling when he and Courtney first met, when courtney moved back home, and when they started having problems. This books makes you realize that there really is two sides to every story. After reading Ethan's story, it is a bit easier to really grasp what was happening and why the characters felt the way they both did. I am so thankful that Nicole decided to let us see into Ethan the way she did. 

"He was going to attempt to chase gravity- he needed the feeling back that he had when he was touching her, like the world was theirs and she was the strongest force in his universe."

In the first book, we learn that Ethan and Courtney make the most perfect couple ever!!! The only downfall to their relationship is that Courtney lives far away and will have to go back home when summer ends. They both realized that they can't handle the distance so they end up breaking up. In book two, we quickly learn that Courtney and Ethan chose to go to the same college. This means that they are definitely going to see each other eventually! Now, I could go into detail about what happens when the two finally do see each other, but then that would give away part of the story. If you would like to know what happens then I highly suggest picking up a copy of this book! All I can say is that when these two finally see each other again, their worlds forever change! The Gem City series definitely does not disappoint and I am very confident that you will fall in love with the characters and Nicole's writing, just as I had. 

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