Friday, January 6, 2017

The Friends Zone by Tarrah Anders

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Dane Crawford is head over heels in love with his best friends Sterling Cranefield, but she is in love with her current boyfriend. When Sterling’s boyfriend abruptly breaks her heart, she tries to withdrawal but her friends don’t allow it. During an innocent game of Truth or Dare, Dane and Sterling’s lives take a different direction than either of them thought was possible. Will they cross the Friends Zone and enter into a relationship that lasts? 

“Are you going to become a cat lady?” She teases. 
“Nah. I know one day, I will find my…. What do those chick flicks call it… oh yeah; Soul mate.” I joke, well aware that my soul mate is sitting across from me chugging on her beer and poking fun at me. 

The Friends Zone by Tarrah Anders was a short and exciting read! Anders' words grabbed me and dragged me into the book and would not let me go until the last word was read.

The Friends Zone is about two best friends, Dane and Sterling. These two have been best friends since 5th grade, which was 17 years ago! Dane has always had a crush on Sterling, but Sterling has always been in relationships. Sterling is currently dating a boy named Ryan, who Dane absolutely hates. Dane obviously does not want to ruin his and Sterling's friendship, so he has never made any moves on her. Ryan makes a huge mistake, which leads to the end of his and Sterling's relationship! Will Dane finally make his move? Can Dane convince Sterling that they could be amazing together? Will Sterling risk their friendship? Or will Ryan weasel his way back into Sterling's life just as quick as he left it?

This book is full of love, lust, betrayal, heartbreak, deaths, weddings, fights, friendships, sex, and so much more! I would love to talk about Sterling and Dane some more but I refuse to give anything else away. If you guys would like to know what happens with these two, then you will have to go pick up the book and read it yourselves!  

Tarrah Anders really captured my attention with this book! I obviously knew this book would be about friends, due to the title, but other than that I was not sure what to expect. Anders' did not disappoint. This book was pretty consistent in pace and was exciting until the very end! I can't wait to read more from this author!

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