Monday, February 27, 2017

The Kiss That Saved Me by Kristy Nicolle

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Four months have passed since the night Callie Pierce fulfilled her destiny as the Vessel and her world is shifting faster than ever before. The Occulta Mirum is in disarray, still reeling from the demise of its longest reigning monarch and its people have a decision to make, on which more lies balanced than they know. As Callie and Orion rise together to new responsibility, dealing with the consequences of what has passed, Callie finds herself changed and looking into the shadow of the deep for answers. The life she’s been thrown into isn’t what she expected, and as the responsibility of her new found position among the mer mounts, the cracks in the fantasy world she so loves are starting to show. Can then, the dark mystique of the Psiren’s world be what Callie was destined for all along? 

Get ready to ride into the world of the Occulta Mirum at greater depth than ever before. As Callie learns the truth of the ancient agenda of three brothers, and comes face to face with the temptation and allure of what will seemingly save everyone she loves. 


"How do you possess someone without imprisoning them? How do you hold a heart in the palm of your hand without crushing it?"

I absolutely loved the first book in this series! I had no idea how Kristy Nicolle was going to beat the first book, but she did! The Kiss That Saved Me blew my mind! Once again, I have no idea how one person's mind came up with this story. Kristy is BRILLIANT!

The Kiss That Saved Me is the second book in The Tidal Kiss Trilogy. Callie and Orion are faced with a huge decision that Orion can not handle. These two are still trying to get to know each other, so the added stress of ruling is a bit too much. Imagine if you were Callie? All of a sudden you are a mermaid and you are destined to be with Orion and you have no say about it. Good thing she really loves Orion. The two of them do not know how to understand each other yet and that ends up pushing Callie away. Callie sets out on a quest to find her dad and completely loses herself on the way.

"My skin is mapped with dark veins and my hair is black as soot, messy and knotted down my spine. My body is a paint by numbers of pleasures and pains that now haunt me. I had given in to the darkness."

Callie meets Vex. Callie begins to turn dark. Why do the psirens want Callie dark? Can Orion find her and save her? There are many wild secrets that come out in this book and Callie and Orion will need each other to get through this. Orion's people are in a lot of trouble and there is a trader living among them. What will callie learn about her family? Will Orion ever find her? Will Callie forgive him? Can these two get it together and be leaders before it is too late? 

Kristy's characters are to die for! They are completely amazing and I absolutely love them. Callie is a badass, Orion is super sweet and caring, and Vex is just awesome! Vex is a character introduced to us in this book and something about him just grabbed my attention. I also have a spot for Azure! Something about her just makes me love her! She is so dark and misunderstood. Now... if you guys have no idea what or who I am talking about, then you are missing out! These are characters that you guys need to know! 

This book is so detailed! There is so much going on at the same time and I absolutely love it! I feel like this book is way too amazing to be true! I am still in awh over this book and how good it is! I do not think I have ever needed hard copies of a book this bad! The kindle version is just not good enough for me. I need this series sitting on my book shelf and you guys need it on your TBR list! You will not regret it! 

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