Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lose Me. by M.C. Frank

- Goodreads Synopsis -
Jane Austen meets New Adult fiction in this compulsively readable romance.

"Today is not the day I die."

Ari Demos starts every day with this thought. Fresh out of high school, she's landed a coveted role as a stunt double in a new Pride and Prejudice adaptation starring the Hollywood phenomenon Weston Spencer. But this job isn't going to be easy: Ari will be performing complicated water stunts and driving fast cars along the narrow cliffs of Corfu. One false step and she could lose not only her job, but her life.

And then Wes Spencer, Mr Darcy himself, arrives in Greece. He's got dirty blonde hair, a mile-long yacht and a bored look on that gorgeous face. Ari wants nothing to do with the rich actor boy, but on the day she meets him, she has an accident. One that almost claims her life. And now she can't hide from the truth any longer:
She might be much closer to losing everything than she thought. She might be dying. And the British actor is the last person she'd expect to save her life.

She's a hard-working island girl. He's adored by millions.
Falling in love was never supposed to be a part of the job.
Staying alive was never supposed to be a part of growing up.

Was this story ever meant for a happily ever after?

"I'll support your inner bookworm as long as it remains where it belongs, in the closet. If word gets around you're a nerd, I'm done. I'm so done."

Lose Me. has the most beautiful cover ever! I know they say to never judge a book by its cover, but I couldn't help it with this book! This book is gorgeous and I knew I had to read it! Lose me. is the third book I have read by M.C. Frank and I just love everything she writes! I truly believe her work just keeps getting better and better!

Frank introduces us to a few big names in the acting world and then there is Ari. Ari is a stunt double and just so happens to get a pretty big break in a movie. Ari lands a gig on a remake of an old classic, Pride and Prejudice. Ari has no idea how much this role and the people around her will change her life forever. Ari learns a lot about herself and also finds herself falling for a boy. Ari has one problem though. She is hiding a very big secret that could hurt everyone around her. Will her secret ruin this opportunity for her? Will her secret ruin her life? Can Ari open up to someone and ask for help? Or will this secret be the death of her? Lose Me. is full of surprises and crazy twists! This book has absolutely everything a good book needs. This book consists of awesome characters, a great story, romance, action, drama, betrayal, family secrets, and near death experiences! 

I absolutely love Ari and Wes! My ultimate number one book boyfriend ever is Warner from the Shatter Me Series, but Wes is giving Warner a run for his money. Wes is absolutely amazing and You guys really need to read this book so that you have the pleasure of meeting him for yourselves. Wes is not the only amazing character, we meet so many other fun personalities. Like Ollie! But I can not tell you guys too much about anything because I do not want to give anything away. This book is way too amazing to spoil for anyone. 

"I had no idea before today. Before the familiar feeling of his skin molding to mine, before his lips crushing to  mine, before his body pressed against mine. I had no idea that we became a different version of ourselves when we're with someone; that we're different when we're alone."

M.C. Frank is a word genius! I have no idea how she wrote such an awesome book. This book had me feeling every emotion possible. I was super mad at times and then one second later, I was super happy! This book really messed with me, but in a good way! I love Frank's writing and there is no other author that writes the way she does. Lose Me. is written in such a detailed way that I found myself picturing the whole book in my mind. I felt like I was there with Ari watching her story play before my eyes. 

I absolutely adore this book! This is definitely a story I will hold close to me. It is also a story that you all need on your bookshelf or in your kindle! CUTEST STORY EVER! 

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