Friday, March 24, 2017

The Sound Of Love by Maria Watts

- Goodreads Synopsis -
It is the nineties, the decade of boy bands. Every girl is in love with the Funky Guys, the most famous boy band of them all, dominating the charts worldwide. 

Nina Bains is a normal schoolgirl from Southampton. She lives the life of every teenager going to school, hanging out with her friends and fantasizing about Chris Mulligan, one of the charismatic lead singers of the Funky Guys. 

Until one day by sheer coincidence Nina has the chance to get to know Chris personally. They fall in love and their two worlds collide with such a force that Nina is knocked out of her everyday life before she even realizes what is happening. As she is drawn more and more into Chris' world, she suddenly finds herself on tour with a boy band phenomenon in a whirlwind of fancy hotels, tour buses, venues, fans, groupies and music. Soon she realizes all that glitters is not gold and she has to question everything she once believed in. 

Will Nina survive life on the road? Is her love for Chris worth risking everything? And above all: Does Chris even understand the meaning of love? 

"It's strange how pure bliss and utter misery can go so closely hand in hand. I don't think I have ever laughed as much and cried as much as I have in these past weeks. And above all, I have never felt more alive."

Maria Watts is AMAZING! The Sound of Love is the first book in The Sound Series. This book tore my heart out! I was so happy at times and then so sad and mad at others. This book is real. This book doesn't sugar coat life as a popstar. This book is cute but also dark, deep, and sad. This book is everything. 

"The moment our eyes meet I'm lost. I've always thought his eyes were special even in all those pictures I've seen of him, but nothing comes close to seeing his eyes shining with life and staring at me."

Watts introduces us to 16 year old Nina and her best friend, Lucy. The two girls are OBSESSED with a boy band called The Funky Guys. Nina may be a tad bit more obsessed with the band, which is funny because Lucy is actually the one who got Nina into their music. Nina, got extremely lucky one day, and ended up in a phone conversation with Christopher, the cutest boy from The Funky Guys. Who would have known that one phone call could change her life forever? Nina went from waiting to see the guys in concert to waiting to meet up with her friend Chris before his concert. You may be thinking, How did Nina get so lucky? but.. did she really get lucky? Can a popstar be in a relationship? Wouldn't you think he gets girls all the time? Would he really pick Nina over all the millions of girls that love him? You guys will have to pick up this book to find out what happens after Chris and Nina meet. This story will blow your mind and leave you completely speechless! Chris and Nina's lives will never be the same. As misunderstood as Chris is.. his life as a popstar, traveling the world, just got a whole lot harder.   

"A warm feeling spread through my body and I started laughing giddily. Even at that moment I realized something significant had happened. But little did I know how much this day would change my life forever."

Watts has an amazing talent! I loved this book and after reading it, I was so mad at myself for not reading it sooner! Watts brought these characters to life right before my eyes and this story felt so real to me. She picked the perfect words, the perfect characters, and the perfect story! I am totally obsessed with this series and anxiously awaiting the second book! It really can't come soon enough.

I know I already said this, but this story tore on my heart strings like there was no tomorrow. I could not believe what was happening sometimes! This book had so many twists and surprises. One second I was reading about something cute and then BAM, in the blink of an eye, I was reading about something bad. I was on the edge of my seat the whole book trying to figure out Chris! I don't know if I like him or if I hate him yet. 

I am a forever fan of Maria Watts! Watts shows us the real, raw side of being famous and traveling the world. You guys do not want to miss out on this book! If you love drama, romance, secrets, betrayals, adventures, and boy bands, then this book is for you! Go buy it or add it to your TBR list now! You will not regret it.  

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