Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hooked by Christine Manzari

- Goodreads Synopsis -
If you ask the confident and snarky skater girl, and she’s in the mood to share, she’ll tell you her name is Cat. She might even tell you that she’s hooked on graffiti, 80s movies, and having fun—the riskier the better. Cat will share a good time with you, but she won’t ever trust you enough to share her heart. It’s protected by secrets and she’d like to keep it that way. 

Cat knows one thing for certain: Love isn’t really her thing.

If you ask the confident and rich pretty boy, he might tell you his name is Huck. He might even tell you he loves a challenge and is used to getting his way. He won’t tell you that his life is a mess because he risked his heart by trusting the wrong girl. Huck is ready for a change, he just wasn’t ready to get hooked on someone like Cat.

Huck knows one thing for certain: Love hasn’t done him any favors, but Cat just might be worth the risk.

Cat and Huck think a one-night stand seems harmless, but when all the little secrets they didn’t share turn out to be toxic truths, they realize how easily a one-night stand (or a few) could ruin everything. 

The thing is, you can be ruined in more than one way. Once you’re HOOKED, what wouldn’t you risk for the chance at more?

"Love is a funny thing. Once you decide someone is worthy of it, you have to trust that person not to break you. And some people- most people actually- aren't worthy of that trust. I've learned the hard way that it's just easier not to risk love. Broken hearts are too big of a pain in the ass." 

Christine Manzari definitely had me hooked on Hooked! I have read one other book by Manzari, and I immediately fell in love with her writing. Manzari's books just get better and better and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to read them. 

Manzari introduces us to Cat, a very independent young woman. For most of Cat's life she has only had her mom and her best friend, Jay. That all changes the moment Jay and Cat notice a strange boy staring at Cat on the beach. Cat had no idea that this boy, Huck, would forever change her life. Cat and Huck hit it off right away! Which is normally a good thing, right? But everything starts to go wrong when Cat has a family emergency and has to go away for a while. Will Huck be able to wait for Cat? Will Cat let Huck be there for her? Will Cat actually be able to open up to someone other than her mom and her best friend? 

Manzari writes the most amazing books ever! Her characters are so life like and they all have such history. Whenever I read a book by Manzari I feel as if I am in it, and her characters are all my best friends! I always feel exactly what her characters are feeling and I really enjoy that in a book. You know an author is a good writer when he or she has the power to transport their readers wherever they want to take them. That is exactly what Manzari does! 

I fell in love with Cat immediately. She is a very strong woman and knows exactly what she wants. She does not need a man in her life to complete her and she does just fine on her own. Cat is very work driven but still finds a lot of time to go out and have fun! I also really love Huck and Jay! Jay is the greatest best friend anyone could ask for and he really knows how to take care of Cat. Huck is awesome too! He really cares about Cat and although their relationship is a bit odd, she is really something special to this guy. I feel like the three of them are my friends after reading Hooked. Manzari gave her characters complex backgrounds and just did a fantastic job bringing them to life through her pages.

I really look forward to reading more from Manzari. If you guys have never read one of her books, then you really need to! Christine Manzari is an author you do not want to miss out on!

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