Friday, May 5, 2017

The Falling by T. Damon

- Goodreads Synopsis -
A drastic change within an enchanted Forest occurs in The Falling, the mystical first volume of The Forest Spirit series. An upheaval of normalcy affects the various kingdoms of mythical beings and animals caused by a Higher Spirit's fall from grace. Now it's up to a group of the smallest and most oblivious of creatures, the nymphs, to save their Forest and reinstate the Forest's spiritual balance of good and evil. Narena, her brother Nyxen, and debonair warrior Kellen join forces with a sassy faery, wise salamander, and human witches to discover that even the tiniest of beings can create an enormous impact on the world around them.

I have read my fair share of fantasy books but I have never read one like The Falling by T. Damon!

T. Damon takes us into a world where trolls, witches, nymphs, faerie, kalpies, ogres, entities, and ghosts are real! Damon has a way with words and really knows how to take her readers into another world! 

Damon's forest is such a beautiful place but bad things start to happen once the spirits, who are in charge of watching over the forest, stop getting along. The yew, the highest spirit of them all, gets banished, and with that, the falling of the forest begins. 

In The Falling we meet Narena, her brother Nyxen, and a few of their friends. The group discovers a great evil in their forest and are determined to figure out what this darkness is and why it is taking over their forest. Narena and her friends, with the help of the forest, a certain parent, and a few witches along the way, head out to save the forest.  What would you do if your home was falling and turning to evil? would you be brave enough to save it? Narena and her friends take part in a difficult journey, one they might not be ready for. Will they make it? Will they figure out what is causing this great evil? The greatest question is.. once they find who is behind all this evil, will they be able to stop him or her? You guys will have to pick this book up to find out for yourselves! This is a story you guys do not want to miss out on!

T. Damon's writing style is perfect! I was hooked since the first page and never did I get bored or want to put this book down. It was definitely a short, awesome read and Damon did not disappoint. It was as if she bought me my own personal airplane ticket to her forest, where I joined up with Narena and Nyxen to help them fight the evil. That is how realistic her writing is. There were times that I completely forgot that I was even reading a book!

I can not wait to read book 2! I need more of T. Damon's beautiful writing! 

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