Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Tower by Nicole Campbell

- Goodreads Synopsis -
"On our sixteenth birthdays, our kind is gifted with awesome powers. Except no, not really because this isn’t Narnia, or Hogwarts, or whatever other mythical realm where witches supposedly live. This is Elizabethtown, Illinois, and much to the chagrin of the local chapter of Susie-Homemakers, we live here."

All witches understand that the universe is a scary sort of powerful on a good day. On a bad day? Well, that’s when The Tower card shows its face during a reading. As summer draws to a close before the beginning of junior year, Rowyn Black is tired of seeing that card stare up at her from the table. Rowyn, Reed, and Rosalyn have made it through just about every dramatic storm their sarcasm could weather during their seventeen year friendship, and it would be nice to have a quiet semester. Rowyn hopes that the only thing The Tower foretells is the frightening sight of the school parking lot come the first day- full of more jacked-up trucks and cut off shorts than a Luke Bryan video. True to its nature, however, the universe doesn’t care much for hopes and wishes, and when the promise of The Tower comes crashing down, they might fall right along with it.

"I felt the skin-crawling sensation brought on by his energy before I saw him."

This is not the first book I have read by Nicole Campbell! She wrote a super fun, romantic series called The Gem City Series! So I was super excited to have the opportunity to read The Tower! Nicole Campbell is such a great writer and really knows how to drown the reader in the worlds she creates! In The Tower we are taken to a town called Elizabethtown in Illinois. Here we meet a set of 3 friends: Rowyn, Reed, and Rose! These three friends are not your ordinary friends! They are a group of witches!!! 

The Tower is nothing like your average witch story! Campbell created the most normal teenage witches I have ever seen! The three friends have boy drama, best friend drama, betrayals, love, tragedy, and so much more! There is never a dull moment in this book! There really is something happening at all times! I could not put this book down because there was never a good time to. How can one find time to put the story on hold when Reed is in love with one of his best friends! But hey, you guys did not hear that from me! I am usually not one for spoilers! That news is nothing compared to Rowyn not being able to read Rose's and Jared's cards. Rowyn is really good at what she does.. so why is nothing showing up? Rowyn doesn't understand. Too bad Rowyn could not see what was about to happen. The three friends are about to be faced with one of the hardest obstacles life can throw at you! Will they ever be the same? 

"Maybe he'll forget about the kiss, and we can just go back to being friends. Friends who ignore that there is anything between them and one makes the other miserable."

Nicole Campbell is such an awesome writer! I can say that over and over and over and mean it every time. I love that she wrote The Tower in multiple points of view! I really enjoy this in a book, because it really allows the reader to get a better idea of what each of the characters are thinking and experiencing. The reader gets a better understanding of the story this way as well! I am a HUGE fan of her characters! I fell in love with the characters right away and you guys will too! They are very complex and easy to relate to! What more could a reader want? 

You guys definitely need to add this book to your TBR lists!